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Gone But Not Forgotten...

This page is dedicated in memory of those who I've lost throughout the years.    I was blessed to have had them in my life.  

My Sister Charlene

My Best Friend

My Grandmother "Nanny"

Where I Got My Sense Of Humor 

Nanny And Grampa Al

My Grandmother Kathryn and Uncle Billy 

My Aunt Rosy

She was my second Mom.  We will always have "The Dizzy Dolphin"


So many memories and great times.  Victoria & Shawn's St Patty's Day Parties Were The Best!

"Last Dance"

Ed Nissen AKA Slakker

I miss your amazing smile and huge heart!


I miss our Iced Tea's at Camp.  


The greatest cheeks on both ends!


You talked my ear off and I miss it! 


A mouth like a trucker!




So many great memories with Bobby.  He would always get overly dramatic with every story and use the word "Seriously?"   Bobby had a very hard time keeping his pants up.  They would fall down constantly!  lol   His favorite shot was Jager.  I'm sure he's doing plenty of shots with Warren and Victoria!  


George Brophy

George was one of the best bartenders there was.  He could tell a story and entertain you like no other!  George was the former owner of Waterworks Pub, George Bar and manager of Club Phoenix which is where I first met him.   He sold me my car and was one of the top salesman at Fuccillo Kia.   George was one of the most generous people out there.   Sadly I didn't realize most of what he did for people until after his passing.  He was a great guy and a great friend who will truly be missed.  


So many others have come and gone. 

Some day we'll all be reunited! 

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