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His commission comes from the agencies! Booking a vacation is a lot of work and can be a headache!  Sit back and he'll take care of it for you! 

Need help planning the perfect honeymoon?
Shawn works with all budgets and books all destinations!
Reach out with some details and Shawn can give you a quote with no obligation! 

If you're interested in booking a vacation you can fill out the form below, use the chat feature here on the site or call / text Shawn at 518-221-8671 
Please include; The type of vacation you're looking for, preferred destination, preferred travel dates and if your dates are flexible or set and your budget! 

Shawn will message you and help you escape from reality ASAP!

Do you have your passport for international travel?  CLICK HERE for information on how to apply!  Remember, it takes time to get a passport!  Sometimes up to 13 weeks so give yourself plenty of time!  You can acquire a passport within 24 hours in person but you need to travel to NYC, BOSTON or another major city to do so and it will cost you $$$!
Also, if you're going to be traveling a lot I would highly suggest you get Global Entry!
 CLICK HERE for information!   

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