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“Shawn You Stoopid.” - Miss WandaLuv - FLY 92.3  (Albany)

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Shawn Gillie is a comedian who has been doing comedy for 13 years. He's played throughout the Northeast as well as in LA and Hawaii.    Since 2012 when started his comedy career he won the Cuse Comedy Festival in Syracuse and the Everybody Needs A Little Luv Comedy Fest in Albany, NY.  He's performed in NYC, throughout New York, MA, Vermont, Conneticut, Hawaii, California and many other states.  He only abbreviated MA because he can never spell Massachusetts.    Shawn was doing regular shows at the Albany Funny Bone before Covid killed that gig.  Since the pandemic Shawn has done very few shows but will do a pop up performance here andt here.  Check out his calendar for comedy and DJ gigs!    

Shawn blames his wacky parents and the fact that he's the youngest child of 4 for his demented since of humor.  He has 2 brothers (Nick and Tony) and a sister (Charlene) who sadly passed away from lung cancer in 2013.  Comedy has gotten him through the dark times.  

"I've suffered through a lot of losses in recent years.  I lost my mother in October of 2017 and then my father passed unexpectedly in September of 2018.  My sister passed in 2013.  I'm still not quite sure how I manage to keep my sick sense of humor but getting on stage is like therapy for me.   Being surrounded by laughter honestly helped me.    There's not a greater feeling in this world than telling a joke and hearing a room full of laughter.  Well, except for maybe going up to the next pant size.  You don't have to look an the indentation and giant red line around your waist!"    


"I make fun of just about everything including myself.  I always try to start off by making fun of myself first so when I do say horrible things about other people or situations I come off as less of an a**hole.  I want people to crack up and laugh and also feel terrible about laughing at the things I said."


Who are your influences in Comedy?

"Joan Rivers is my comedic icon.  I saw her on stage and got to meet her when I was about 12.  She had me in tears!  I saw her about 6 times after that and the tears flowed every time.  I actually hurt from laughing and thought I really want to do that.   I helped Joan off of the stage about a month before she died at the Laurie Beechman Theater in Manhattan.  As she was going by I said, 'I love you Joan' and she took a few steps then turned around, grabbed my shoulder and said 'I love you too".  I'll never forget that moment.  I don't think I would say half the things that I say if it wasn't for me watching Joan.  She took risks and most of the time got away with it!   If I can reach a 10th of her success and accomplishments I'll be happy!  Other comedians who I admire are Wanda Sykes, Lisa Lampanelli, Robin Williams... There are just too many to name.   I got to meet Bill Cosby.  Although it was a brief encounter I was touched." 


Is there anything unique about you or that you want people to know?


"I'm a DJ in Albany, NY.  I do weddings, parties, funerals.... I work part time in radio on FLY 92.3 which is a top 40 station.   Oh, I also have a Golden Girls Tattoo!  It's been on Ellen,   I sent her the pic and she had it on the show and  then used it in their promos for a while.   That was pretty damn cool.  It was featured most recently on Jimmy Kimmel.  Shawn was on the wall of America where he got to show is tattoo to the one and only Betty White!   Kesha instagrammed it.  Is that how you even say it?  Oh and I was at Katy Perry's Party she had when the Teenage Dream Album came out and she snapped a photo of it and tweeted it.   If only I was as famous as my arm!   Some day!   I have two goals in life; to be really famous and to get my jawline back!  I'll be starting a weekly blog soon and posting it here so keep checking back to learn more about me!"     


In 2018 I married a dude.  Surprise!  




Shawn On The Jimmy Kimmel Show.  Center Square

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