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ROOMS ARE ON SALE NOW for Gillie's Getaways 2024 Caribbean Cruise!  17 Rooms have been booked so far!  Join the fun!  There are single cabins available for solo travelers!  The rates you see on the flyer are subject to change so reach out to me if you're interested in booking!  You can join the fun or book with the group to get a discounted rate and do your own thing!  The final payment is due September 9th 2023.  Reserve your room today by contacting Shawn HERE


"I should book it myself or go directly through the cruise line for the best rate"

  That is not true!  The cruise line will never get you a better rate if there is a sale.  You'll have to keep looking yourself.  Even then they'll try to convince you you have the "best deal"! Shawn will check weekly right up utnil your final payment
for better rates and promotions! 

"I don't want to pay a travel agent."
You don't pay a dime for Shawn's services!  Agents are paid through the cruiseline at

 "They'll try to sell me things I don't need"
Not at all!  Shawn will let you know what your options are and never try to convince you to book something you don't want or need. Many of our clients are on a strict budget.  Shawn will get you the best bang for your buck and never try to upsell you!  


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Shawn is an experienced cruiser who has sailed on 20 cruises so far!   Cruising is one of the most affordable ways to travel! You can relax or party all week long!  It's NONSTOP Food, Beverage and Entertainment!  However, a lot of people have a fear of being on ship out in the middle of the ocean.

Put those fears to rest and see what you're missing!

There is A LOT to know before you take your first cruise!  Shawn will walk you through the entire process, from booking your cruise, to your flights, What documents you'll need, what to pack, a hotel the night before, help you plan and book excursions, transporatation to and from the ship, getting home...

All you have to do is show up!

You can put your fears to rest as Shawn prepares you for all you need to know!  


  • The advertised rate you see is NOT what you will pay.

  • Drinks are not included unless you have a drink package.

  • You'll pay roughly $15 per person per day in gratuities for housekeeping and the waitstaff. 

  •  When you book an excursion through the cruise line if there's an issue getting back to the ship, they will wait for you. However, you will pay almost double for that same excursion which you can book as soon as you get off of the ship!  Let Shawn give you his honest opinion if you should book (on or off) depending on the island.  

  • You DO NOT need a passport to cruise if the ship sails to and from the same port.

  • Before you cruise. It's less expensive to add an internet package and beverage packages.

  • The ship time and what is on your watch or phone will most likely be different!  You'll be given a specific time to be back on the ship.

  • There are adult only areas on most ships.

  • Depending on the cruise line you might not be allowed into a dining room depending on what you're wearing. Shawn will give you tips on what to pack and what you don't need to bring with you! 

  • After your final payment most cruise lines won't let you make any changes!  Shawn will make sure you are completely set before making that final payment.  

  •  When you call a cruise line to make a change the hold time can be very long.  Shawn will make those changes for you so you don't have to wait!  

  • Shawn is an experienced cruiser that can give you all of the tips you need to make sure your vacation is "smooth sailing" from your booking through your flight home!

  • We could go on and on with the little details.  Cruising is the best bang for your buck.  Let Shawn answer all of your questions, calm your nerves about cruising, walk you through the entire experience and make sure you have an incredible journey!  Bon Voyage!  

WANT TO BOOK A CRUISE?  GOT QUESTIONS?   CONCERNS? Contact Shawn through the chat feature or here in an email!

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