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Shawn' s Travel Tips and Recommendations! 

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Places I've Traveled To

Obviously my best advice will come from places I've visited.  Here are a few places I've been.  Feel free to reach out to me for tips and advice.  Canada (Toronto, Montreal) - Mexico (Cancun, Tijuana, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Costa Maya) - England - Iceland - Italy - Puerto Rico - St. Thomas - St. Maarten / St. Martin - St. Lucia - St. Kitts - Aruba - Curacao - Dominican Republic - Guadeloupe - Martinique - Bermuda - Barbados - Belize - Roatan  (Honduras) - Key West - Bahamas (Nassau, Freeport) - Jamaica - Grand Cayman - Grand Turk - Belize - Hawaii-Spain- Monte Carlo - Monaco - Malta - Ireland...


NY, NH, MA, ME, CT, PA, NJ, VA, LA, TX, FL, CA, AR, NV, AZ, NV, IN, IL, VT, TN, MD, Washington DC...

Cruise lines; Carnival (12), Norwegian (2), Costa (1)

Airlines; Southwest, Jetblue, Norwegian, US. Air, American, Delta, WOW, Hawaiian, Alaska, Spirit, United, Virgin, British, Aer Lingus  

Trips Planned in 2017

February - Norwegian Caribbean Cruise 

March - Costa Mediterranean Cruise

May - Ireland / England 

September - California

October - New Orleans 



The key to getting great deals is having a flexible schedule.   The price for a flight can be triple of what you would pay the day before or after.   For cruises you'll find the best deals anytime from from September - May.  The Summer Months can be very pricey.  You also want to avoid Hurricane Season if you can.   Sometimes you can get great last minute deals on cruises!  Also, port fees in NYC and BOSTON are pretty high.  Sometimes it's cheaper to fly to Fort Lauderdale or Orlando and cruise from there.  You also have a lot more options as far as ports and what days the ships sail.    For flights the sooner you book the better. Contrary to the myth, booking a flight 45 days before your vacation will NOT get you the best rate.   When the flight starts to fill up the price goes up.   I don't see a lot of great last minute deals on flights these days.   It can happen though.  I do check several times a week for deals.  For hotels it varies by the day.   Usually you can get better last minute deals but you also run the risk of it selling out.  Usually booking well in advance gets you the best deal.  However, if you're planning a stay in NYC and live within driving distance booking a couple of days before your stay can get you the best deal.    As far as Airbnb's I was a big fan before Ireland.  on our way to the apartment our host cancelled on us.  It was a complete nightmare and airbnb did nothing to resolve the issue.   They did "try" but ultimately it was left up to us to find accommodations.  



You may find a much better rate at a hotel a few miles from where you want to stay however if you have to rent a car or if the cab rates are high then you might not be saving any money at all.  In fact you may wind up spending more when you you add everything up.   Shawn will weight all of the options and give you the best advice based on his experiences.   Also, there might be a reason a hotel is dirt cheap just a few blocks from a 5 star hotel.  Some times you can go from an amazing spot to a very sketchy area in a matter of a fact blocks or even by crossing a major highway.  Knowing where to stay and what to do is the key to a stress free and fun vacation.     Sit back, relax and let Shawn do all of the work.  The best part is it's not costing you a thing!  


Shawn has an app he uses for great rates at parking garages in major cities.  One block it may be $45 for a 24 hour period and the next block might be $25.  On the average Shawn pays $15 to park for a 24 hour period in NYC.    Car rental prices are all over the place!  Remember you have to be 21 to rent a car.   Also, be prepared for unexpected prices and holds on your card when traveling in Europe.  You don't want to plan a great vacation and then not be able to rent the car you rented due to insufficient funds.   Shawn will make sure you're prepared for your trip!


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