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    I'm a comedian and a DJ.  However, they are two separate gigs!  

I can actually be quite professional as much as it kills me!  



Over 17 years of experience!   I love doing all types of events but weddings are definitely my favorite.  A wedding reception is one of the most important days for a couple.  You plan and plan for months and of course spend a small fortune!   The day is about YOU!   I work close with you to make sure I have and play the songs you want as well as making sure your reception goes smooth!  Yes, I take requests and I also know when not to play a song that is going to kill the vibe of your party.   Everyone has that drunk uncle that wants to hear something that no one will like.   I also make sure the event is about the MUSIC and not about talking or being obnoxious on the mic.   Does anyone really care what year a song came out?






Corporate Events

Holiday Parties

EmCee and Hosting 

Voice Overs 

If you are having an event and need a DJ click HERE to send me an email or go to the contact page which can be found in the tab above.  Please include the date of your event, the location and the times you're looking to have me play.  Rates depends on several things; the date(s), location, my availability and schedule.  Comedian Service and DJ Services can be combined at an additional cost.    I can also put together a full comedy show with other local VERY FUNNY comedians. 


A contract is required to lock down the date of your event.  Deposits are based on the event.



My speakers, Mics and Lights are new as of the fall of 2019.  I usually update my equipment every other year.     

My services are based on your needs.  The music should be the star of the night.  Good music is the key!  Keep in mind that your guests (especially with a large crowd) might not have the same taste in music as you.   I usually mix it up to cater to most guests.  If you tell me THIS IS WHAT WE WANT then that is what I'll play!   Again, I'll work with you so you get what you're

looking for! 


I've been getting this question a lot lately, "Do you do all of the announcements?"  Absolutely!   When you book my DJ Service that also includes EMCEE services.  I'll make all and any (non political) announcements.  For example, I'll announce the wedding party, the family, I'll introduce the best man / maid or honor or anyone else giving a toast.  If I need to call tables to the food stations / buffet, announce the cake cutting, as well as all other formalities.   "Last call for the bar and / or the shuttle"...

One thing I always do is to announce for everyone to sign the guest book, picture or whatever you may have.  


 I'll work with any other vendors: photographers, videographers, photo booth, wedding coordinator, caters... to keep the night flowing smooth!    Before doing any formalities at a wedding I always make sure the other vendors are ready to go!  So if it's time for the Father / Daughter dance I ask the photographer and / or videographer if they're ready.  If it's time for the toasts I'll make sure the caterer knows when we'll be doing it and that the champagne has been poured at each table.  I'll ask the photo booth what time they're there until so everyone has a chance to get those fun photos.  I also make sure all of the formalities are done before the photographer leaves.   

If you have questions, please email or call with specific questions.   

Visit the contact page by clicking HERE and you can decide which is the best way for you to contact me!  




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